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1. New Bedford


Population: 94,952
Median income: $36,789
Crime: 4th highest in the state
Unemployment rate: 10.4%

According to science, New Bedford is by far the worst place to live in the state of Massachusetts.

The unemployment rank is the third-highest in the state and residents here earn the sixth-lowest salaries in Massachusetts.

Plus, the big black eye for New Bedford: Crime. There are only three other cities in the state with a higher crime rate (Holyoke has the worst crime).

If you live in New Bedford, you can brag to your buddies at the bah that you have it rough, and they should buy you a bucket of Sam Adams.

Massachusetts Mortgage Rates Averages
Product Rate Change
30 yr fixed mtg refi 3.82% 0.03
15 yr fixed mtg refi 3.04% 0.02
7/1 ARM refi 3.40% 0.09
15 yr jumbo fixed mtg refi 3.59% 0.11
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