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According to the 2014 Gallup Poll, North Carolina is placed on the 9th place of the most religious state in the nation. Of all the residents of North Carolina, 50% are said to be religious. But what keeps us wondering is that what are the places in the Tar Heel State which are the least religious? In order to reach an answer, we look at the areas which most likely say that they don’t have a religion and measure the number of churches that each city have.

We used the latest Religious Congregations and Membership Study in order to determine what are the counties with garners the lowest number of residents who are religious and the places that have the least number of churches:
• Least number of religious residents
• Least number of churches per capita

Aside from this, we add in a couple of stereotypes that people have in relation to being religious, such as alcohol consumption within these religious places, and as well how they deal with divorce as in most cases people who are religious takes the concept of divorce as something ‘taboo’. We ran a city-by-city data analysis on those cities which we took out from the three lowest counties:
• Highest number of bars
• Highest divorce rates

10. Silver City


Population: 1,052
County: 2nd least religious
Divorce rate: 11.7%

Of all the city on this list, Silver City has the highest number of divorce rate considering that out of the city’s 1,000 residents 100 of them are divorced. There are a high number of residents as well who claims that they do not go to church with a number of 700 residents.

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