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Georgia is a state filled with wonderful friendly and hospitable people. Although this may be the case, when it comes to intelligence, Georgia falls behind the rest of the nation. This fact is substantiated by the Washington post study where Georgia is placed on the 13th place as the dumbest state in America, with the 11th lowest average IQ.

But these results do not mean that each of the places in Georgia is filled with people who have an IQ below average. Although through the following data, we can project an analysis about which of the Cities in Georgia contributes the most to the intelligence deficit in the state.

In order to come up with these results, we take into consideration certain factors. We realized that fact that one had acquired formal education does not necessarily equate to the fact that he or she is smart. So we came up with criteria that could determine the dumbest cities in Georgia, such as city’s educational opportunities, and the number of percentage of the population that takes advantage of these forgoing opportunities. (% of city’s population with less than a high school education (Age 25+); % of high school dropouts (Ages 16-19)

15. Commerce


Population: 6,535
Adults Without High School Diploma: 25.4%
Teenage High School Dropouts: 10.8%

Commerce is a city that is located in Jackson County, Georgia. The analysis that we had with regards to this place is that at least 25.4% of the city’s population has not acquired high school diploma and there is a rate of 10.8% dropouts.

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