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The state of Colorado is located in the central area of the United States, part of Western, Southwestern and Mountain States. It is the 8th biggest in extension and the 21st most populous state in the country. There are just over 5.5 million people living in the state, as of 2016. Its name comes from the Colorado River, which in Spanish “Colorado” came from the reddish tint the river carried from the mountains. It’s nicknamed “The Centennial State” because it was admitted to the union in 1876, 100 years after the United States Declaration of Independence.

Colorado has an average rent that is between $0 and $200 above the nation’s average. Utilities prices are around 20% below the U.S. average. Food prices have been on the rise in the Western Region since 2014 and gas is a little under the nation’s average. The index presented here is made with a reference of 100 being the U.S. average, under 100 is below average and over 100 is over average.

Colorado is a great state to live, but there are certainly some expensive places. Here we present the Top 15 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Colorado:

15. Gypsum


Population: 6,587

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 177

Gypsum is a home rule municipality located in Eagle County, to the central area of the state. It was incorporated in 1911 and named for gypsum deposits found in the nearby area. The motto  of the city is “Live, Work, Play and Be Healthy”. The economy of the city is lead by the American Gypsum company. The median income for a household is $59,671.

14. Erie


Population: 19,305

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 183

The town of Erie is located in Boulder and Weld counties in the north central area of Colorado. It is at 35 minutes from Denver International Airport and 25 minutes from downtown Denver. It was incorporated in 1885, named after Erie in Pennsylvania. Over the last few years it has been placed in rankings for the best cities to live in the country. The median income for a household in the town is $99,804.

13. Glenwood Springs


Population: 9,668

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 199

Glenwood Springs is a city located in Garfield County, being its county seat and its most populous city. It is recognized for its hot springs, thus being a tourist attraction over the years. It has been named one of the best places to live in America, or the “Most Fun” town in America. It was originally established in 1883 as “Defiance”, later changing its name to Glenwood Springs. The median income for a household is $43,934.

12. Superior


Population: 12,716

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 201

Superior is a town located in Boulder County in the north area of colorado. It is called “The Gateway to Boulder Valley” for its location in the valley. Its main activity had been coal mining for years, since it was first developed in late 19th century. The name was given after the town of Superior in Wisconsin. After the mine closed in 1945, it has been a quiet ranching and farming community. The median income for a household is $100,194.

11. Eagle


Population: 6,511

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 208

The town of Eagle is located in Eagle county, serving as the county seat. It was incorporated in 1905, named after the county, which in turn was named after a Post Office running in the area since 1891. The town is recognized by its extensive trail system for biking, hiking and running. The median income for a household is $81,571.

10. Lone Tree


Population: 12,328

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 212

Lone Tree is a city located in Douglas County, towards the center of Colorado. Its motto is “It’s a great day to be in Lone Tree!”. It lies at 18 miles south of Denver’s downtown and it’s considered a suburban area of Denver. Lone Tree is home to an extensive golf course and hotel area offering hiking, running and biking trails. The median income for a household is of $96,308.

9. Castle Pines


Population: 10,626

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 214

The city of Castle Pines is located in Douglas County in the center area of Colorado. It lies at 19 miles southeast of Denver, south of Lone Tree. The city was incorporated in 2008 as a statutory city. It is one of the most affluent cities in the United States, with a median income for a household of $137,019.

8. Avon


Population: 6,384

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 226

The town of Avon is located in Eagle County. Its nickname is “Home of Bob the Bridge”, a famous 150-foot bridge over the Eagle River named “Bob” as a result of a contest. It was incorporated in 1978 as “Avon”, though it was originally spelled “Avin”. The median income for a household in the town is $56,921.

7. Boulder


Population: 102,002

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 227

Boulder is a city located in Boulder County, being the county seat and the most populous municipality. It is located at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and 25 miles northwest of Denver. It is the home of the University of Colorado and it was a choice destination of the hippie movement in the 1960s. It frequently receives high rankings in art, health, well-being, quality of life, and education. The median household income is $57,112.

6. Carbondale


Population: 6,464

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 232

The town of Carbondale is located in Garfield County. It is located downstream from Aspen, in the Roaring Fork Valley. It’s nicknamed “The Ultimate Rocky Mountain Hideout” and its motto is “A Great Place to Be”. It got its name from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, hometown of some early settlers. The median income for a household in the town is $52,429.

5. Steamboat Springs


Population: 12,044

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 242

Steamboat Springs is a city located in Routt County as its county seat and most populous place. Its mainly recognized as a winter ski resort destination. It was incorporated in 1900 and founded by James Harvey Crawford. It was originally inhabited by the Yampatikas Utes, a Native American tribe. The median income for a household is $54,647.

4. Aspen


Population: 6,700

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 277

The town of Aspen is located in Pitkin County, it’s the county seat and most populous city. It was founded in 1879 as a silver mining camp, named Aspen for the trees in the area. After a decline in population after the mining industry collapsed, in mid 20th century it was revitalized as a ski resort. It is currently visited by celebrities and corporate executives, making real estate prices some of the most expensive in the country. The median income for a household is $53,750.

3. Greenwood Village


Population: 14,546

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 329

The city of Greenwood Village is located in Arapahoe Vounty to the central north east area of the state. The town was settled in the 1860s by people looking for gold. It was named after the Greenwood Ranch. It was incorporated until 1950. The median income for a household in the city is $116,147.

2. Vail


Population: 5,280

Healthcare index: 113

Housing index: 297

The town of Vail, located in Eagle County, was established and built as the base village to Vail Ski Resort. It is the largest ski mountain in Colorado. The town was incorporated in 1966, four years after the first season of the resort, which was in 1962. The area was named after Charles Vail, the engineer who routed U.S. Highway 6, through Eagle Valley, in 1940. The median household income is $56,680.

1. Cherry Hills Village


Population: 6,234

Healthcare index: 106

Housing index: 618

Cherry Hills Village is a city located in Arapahoe County in Colorado. It is one of the most affluent places in the country. It has hosted two PGA Championships and a U.S. Women’s Open in its Country Club. It was incorporated in 1945 and named after a grove of cherry trees in the site. Its housing index is one of the highest in the country and the median income for a household is $190,805, also one of the highest.


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