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Wisconsin is located in the north-central region of the United States, taking part of Midwest and Great Lakes regions. It is the 23rd largest state in extension and the 20th most populous state in the country. There are over 5.7 million people living in Wisconsin, with 600 thousand of them in its biggest city, Milwaukee, at the western shore of Lake Michigan. Being the country’s leading diary producer, it’s nicknamed “America’s Dairyland”, specially for its cheese.

The cost of living in Wisconsin is very close to the average of the whole United States. In rents, Wisconsin is well below the nation’s average, ranging from $200 to $500 in difference, depending on the housing size. Overall, it is just 4% lower than the average for all the 50 states. Here we present a comparison using an index, which is made with a reference of 100 being the U.S. average, under 100 is below average and over 100 is over average.

Wisconsin is an average state to live in, when it comes to cost of living, but there are certainly some expensive places. Here we present the Top 15 Most Expensive Cities to Live in Wisconsin:

15. Mcfarland

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Population: 8,009

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 123

The village of McFarland is located in Dane County, to the south central area of the state and is part of Madison Metropolitan Area. It was founded in 1856 by William H. McFarland, an early settler. The median household income in McFarland is $70,487.

14. Shorewood

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Population: 13,245

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 138

The village of Shorewood is located in Milwaukee County, to the southeast of the state. It has the fame of being Milwaukee’s most liberal suburb. It got separated from the town of Milwaukee in 1900 as East Milwaukee, changing the name to Shorewood in 1917. The median household income is $67,407.

13. Verona


Population: 11,353

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 126

Verona is a city located in Dane County, being a suburb of Madison. The city is 10 miles southwest of Madison. Its nickname is “Hometown, U.S.A.”. The origin of its name comes from Verona, New York and was incorporated in 1921. The median household income in Verona is $90,531.

12. Pewaukee


Population: 8,233

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 145

Pewaukee is a city located in Waukesha County in the southeast of Wisonsin. The name of the city comes from “Pee-wauk-ee-wee-nick” in Potawatomi, a Native American dialect and means “the dusty water” or “lake of shells”. It has been established since 1840, before Wisconsin was a state. The median household income is $84,554.

11. Richfield


Population: 11,365

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 146

Richfield is a village located in Washington County. The town was incorporated as a village in 2008, although it was first established in 1846, from lands previously inhabited by Menomonee and Potawatomi people. The median household income is $94,565.

10. Brookfield


Population: 37,971

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 152

Brookfield is a city located in Waukesha County, to the southeast area of Wisconsin. Its first cabin was built in 1836 by Robert Curren, the first settler of the area. The city was incorporated in 1954. Events are hosted annually by the Elmbrook Historical Society, in hono Caroline Ingalls, an early settler of the city, whose daughter Laura is the author of the Little House on the Prairie books. The median household income is $93,988.

9. Fitchburg


Population: 36,050

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 130

The city of Fitchburg is located in Dane County. It serves as a suburb for Madison, with a mix of suburban neighborhoods, commercial and industrial properties, as well as rural areas. It was incorporated as a city in 1983, to stop expansion from Madison into the town. The median household income is of $63,627.

8. Fox Point


Population: 6,695

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 152

The village of Fox Point is located in Milwaukee County. It lies next to Lake Michigan and its part of the Milwaukee metropolitan area. A main place of interest is the River Point Shopping Mall. It has a high median household income at $120,752.

7. Whitefish Bay


Population: 14,132

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 159

The village of Whitefish Bay is located in Milwaukee County, to the southeast region of the state. It has a high quality in education and a safe environment. At the end of the 19th century it served as a resort for the people in Milwaukee. The median household income is $107,592.

6. Middleton


Population: 18,185

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 133

Middleton is a city located in Dane County, and a suburb of Madison. Its motto is “The Good Neighbor City”. It was inhabited by the Algonquin and Ho-Chunk Native American tribes, before being established by European descendants in the 1830s. The median household income for the city is $67,710.

5. Delafield


Population: 7,136

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 169

Delafield is a city located in Waukesha County, and it’s a suburb of Milwaukee. It is famous for being the home of American Civil War soldiers brothers Alonzo, William and Howard Cushing. The city was established in 1837, named after Dr. Charles Delafield. The median household income is $78,913.

4. Cottage Grove


Population: 6,533

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 135

The village of Cottage Grove is located in Dane County, and a suburb of Madison. Its name comes from a settler’s cottage in a grove near the site where the village was established. It has a high income, with an estimated median household income of $90,154.

3. Elm Grove


Population: 5,985

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 179

The village of Elm Grove is located in Waukesha County. It was named America’s best suburb, as a suburb of Milwaukee, in 2014. It was once part of the Town of Brookfield, but later incorporated as a separate village in 1954. The median household income is $116,578.

2. Mequon


Population: 23,300

Healthcare index: 115

Housing index: 182

Mequon is a city located in Ozaukee County, to the southeast region of the state of Wisonsin. The name comes from the Native American word “Emikwaan” or “Miguan”, meaning ladle, as the shape of the river in the area. The town was settled in the 1830s by settlers coming form New York, England, Germany and Ireland. The median household income is $105,475.

1. Waunakee


Population: 12,613

Healthcare index: 122

Housing index: 151

The village of Waunakee is located in Dane County and it is part of the Madison Metropolitan Area. Its motto is “The Only Waunakee in the World”. It was ranked among the “Top 100 Best Places to Live” for small towns in 2009. The Waunakee Business Park hosts several large and small businesses. The median household income is $93,948.

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