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Through the research of relevant data, we can bring to you details about the worst small towns in Georgia.

After looking at more than 220 smallest cities in Georgia, we came up with this list of the Top 15 worst small towns in Georgia where you, would probably wouldn’t want to live. Take note, this article is merely opinion based facts which are primarily meant for infotainment so guys, down freak out.

In order to come up with the ranking of the worst small towns to live in Georgia, we had to take into consideration what are the criteria that let people say that they like or dislike a certain place. It is not a stretch to say that people like places with low crime rate, an area which is conducive for education, or those places which offer things to do or has a stable economy. To get the most complete and accurate results possible, we used FBI crime data, the 2010-2014 American Community Survey, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


15. Avalon


Population: 309
Median Income: $25,500
Median Home Price: $52,900

To begin our tour of small towns and cities in Georgia you would not want to live in, let’s start with the Avalon on the 15th place. Avalon is a town located in Stephens County, Georgia.

The median income for a household in Avalon is around $25,500 and the average home price is $52,900. According to the census which has been made, there are about 16% of the families and 15% of the entire population are below the poverty line.

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